53 Degrees North

I was approached by 53 Degrees North to help them refresh their existing online store, and provide consultation on their branding. Being one of Ireland’s premiere Outdoor Adventure retail stores, it was a wonderful project and one I was eager to get started on.

53 Degrees North tasked me with translating the effectiveness of their physical stores nationwide and to implement that same success into an eCommerce environment. One caveat was that I had to manipulate their existing Point of Sale system into their existing eCommerce Solution.

Knowing that this project was only going to succeed as a successful shopping experience if I concentrated primarily on the foundation and navigational structures and on analysing the myriad of options for the user-flow though the clients vast product inventory.

With a refined structure now in place, I proceeded in drafting up initial wireframes and in consultation with the client then began to progress these out into concepts.

I outlined every key page needed and then proceeded to work on the design and styling of the site. In parallel with this, I advised the client on possible rebranding solutions, with new logo concepts, typography, colour carts and imagery moodboards.

Entering into the final phases of the project, we integrated the front end and backend together and began to check the site completely, from purchasing to accessibility and markup to browser testing.

I redrew the logo and applied the new colours which were successfully applied to all branding from storefronts to bags and tags.

I developed, refined and tweaked the SEO and analytics for the site and we were now ready for the site to go live.