Trinity College Dublin – Templates

As Lead Designer, I was tasked with designing and solving the multitude of problems of supplying the Schools, Faculties and Departments with a common, easily maintained, contemporary theme that will allow these areas some flexibility on how they present their content while keeping them consistent with the College’s Branding goals.

The following screens represent the path towards the final product, after various initial meetings, research, user testing, wire-framing, mockups right up to the final design. The design is currently being coded up, and we as a team are now looking at moving into the next phase which is to supply and build templates for each of the key subpages.

All the content for the final wireframes, is modular except for the top tier, as this will be decided by the area depending on
what their foremost layout priority is.

Most tiers are divisible to allow flexibility for the areas to have various different configurations relative to the amount of
content they have.