CarTrawler CMS

The NextGen Landing Pages were a CMS project set up to build modular, generic and scalable components that would be quick to deploy across both B2C and B2B partners in a variety of templated themes. Ensuring that a robust and quick-to-market solution was built using a Mobile First approach was of paramount importance to the stakeholders.

Our task from the outset was to explore and devise a redesign of the in-house B2C brands landing page. To deliver a series of modular and flexible landing pages, that would convert easily to PPC and SEO campaigns where needed. This would also serve as the sandbox for the bigger project of templates for the B2B partners.

As Lead Designer, my key tasks were to audit the current range of landing pages, liaise with the research team on findings, produce mid res wireframes, high res prototypes, user flows and develop a grid system to tie together the Design and Development deliverables.

  • CarTrawler
  • Software, CMS
  • Product lead
  • Sept 4th, 2019

Once the analysis and various kickoff workshops gained traction, I set to work on presenting the findings and discussing the project with the development team to ascertain and flag any issues that we may need to be aware of from the start. Following this, I began laying out the mid-res wireframing in a series of steps.

After approval and signoff from stakeholders and management, this was then moved into the production of high-res designs on a component basis, ensuring the flex for adaptability in 42 languages and responsive display across devices.


As Next Generation Landing Pages are quick to deploy and easily maintainable, partner managers can build as many pages as needed using this rapid deployment model.

The preconfigured templates are available to all the companies partners as a jump-off to capturing their audience’s attention in the best possible way. Offering effective market-tested templates whether it be luxury, low fare, customer-focused, or budget audiences.


Through a series of refinement sessions, the components were finalised and handed over to the development team through a series of handover sessions.

We began moving the design out of the sandbox state and into a workable white-label version. It was decided then to test the speed of production and integrate 3 partners through the CMS – Top Tier airline, Low Fares Airline and a Car Hire partner.

Wrapping up I supplied handover documentation and conducted onboarding sessions with the Design Team to aid the future phase rollouts for the project.