Roomex Rebrand

Roomex allows businesses to find the best savings from the largest network of global accommodation.

Their mission is simple: to provide a cohesive platform that takes all the stress out of booking, paying for, and managing business travel.

Tasked with creating a new brand strategy that spoke to and advanced the clients rapidly growing userbase, it also had to be an elegant and efficient solution so that the internal teams from marketing, product through to sales and support could implement seamlessly into their areas of expertise.

  • Roomex Marketing Dept
  • Workforce, Hospitality
  • Branding
  • July 16th, 2020
Building in blocks

Starting out I conducted a series of research workshops to breakdown the visual messaging and tone of voice for the company. The next step was to conduct prototype design sessions to explore visual forms and collaboratively we refined these outcomes towards the chosen solution.

Being primarily a business supplying hotel rooms to workforce travel, the concept of simplifying the design system into a series of squares lent itself to a wide range of visual possibilities, it helped to focus the system in a unified theme whilst conveying the core message of the company’s offering.

Room to stretch out

Creating a unified set of brand assets made it easy to flex the brand across social media and print advertisements. The brand colour is used recurrently as is the subtle use of the square symbols making it a unique and highly recognisable feature of the brand to its audience.

The palette and typography system were expanded upon and integrated into a design library so that the base branding could now flex into more solutions across various digital and print touchpoints and keep the brand consistent across the entire company.

From A to Zzzz

Imagery for the brand was virtually non-existent,  through research I identified visual collections that identified with all the various personas. Sourcing free and stock imagery to start off I categorised and built these into an internal repository for all staff to access.