Littlewoods Ireland GAA Sponsorship

As a newly appointed top-tier sponsor for the GAA All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship and Camogie League, Littlewoods Ireland commissioned me to conceptualise and implement a Branding strategy to roll out across all of the upcoming sponsor touchpoints.

Following a series of explorative workshops, we laid out a plan to develop stadium signage, logo adjustments, colour palettes and ancillary branding needs.

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  • Sept 28th, 2017
First touch

Kicking off the project, we researched the other sponsorship panels and from there devised a series of colour schemes that would stand out from the competition no matter where they were placed throughout the stadiums taking into account TV camera angles and natural daylight reflections.

Refining choices down, 3 colours were chosen to test as primaries, and we had these printed and hung around the stadium to test. The sunburst yellow was the clear winner, being both unique and most importantly legible around the stadium.

Eyes on

From our test prints I noticed that the Littlewoods part of the original identity appeared thin when printed up and displayed at such a large size. Something no doubt the original design had never been designed to contend with.

I increased the weight slightly to strengthen the brand and give it more visual impact and on approval, finalised the artwork for the stadium advertising rollers.

Full time finishes

With the stadium signage in print, i began to work on the various logos needed for publicity with the GAA itself and to furnish Littlewoods Ireland with a suite of brand collateral to use for sponsorship promotion across social, broadcast and print touchpoints.

Daragh delivered a highly impactful, cohesive and consistent treatment for the branding of our sponsorship. It is a great success and our brand affinity, brand recall and share of voice scores reached an all-time high.

Fiona Lee, Marketing Manager at Littlewoods Ireland